Video Poker Tournaments

Without any doubt, video poker can be easily considered as the most popular online casino games. It is basically an amalgamation of poker and slots. Yes, it offers then fun of 5-card draw poker in the form of a computerized slot machine. When the same game is offered on a large scale then it is known as video poker tournament. In tournaments, large number of players, sometimes even up to thousand, take part in the competition. It starts by crediting your account as well as other players’ accounts by a certain amount of credit. Quite certainly, video poker tournaments come with time limit, and around 10 to 15 percent of the players received a prize.

Type of Video Poker tournaments

When it comes to video poker tournament types, there are two categories worth to mention. They are mentioned below:

Limited credits/hands: This type of video poker tournament comes with a limit on the hands that would be played in the tournament. And, the result is decided by comparing the points scored by the players at the end of certain number of hands.

Limited time: This type of tournament is played for a certain amount of time. For example, in a time-bounded tournament if the limit has been set as 1 hour, it means the player who has scored maximum number of points will be the winner.


Most of the video poker tournament has a rule that you need to play a certain number of single player games in order to win an entry to the tournament. Secondly, you must check whether the tournament is time limit or hand limit.

Where to find

The best way to find video poker tournaments is by playing online video poker games. Most of the casino sites organize tournaments on regular intervals so that players can use their points to earn a free entry to the tournament.

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