Queen of Casino Games

The "queen of casino games" heard and probably more than one, each had the opportunity at least once in her play. Speech, of course roulette, which not only reigns today based casinos, but also has a royal place in online casinos.Roulette had its beginnings in France. He invented the French mathematician Blaise Pascal, who made the roulette wheel. Initially, his goal was to come up with a mechanism that would help restore the case in the theory of probability.Roulette wheel quickly found its application in play and games, and in the eighteenth century, has functioned in the same way today. Clubs such as the "Palais Ro-yal" or the "Palais Frascati" roulette introduced Louis XVI.

New Orleans, but, as with other games of chance, her supporters were coming, and finally met her the whole country.Today is known everywhere, and everywhere appreciate its high randomness and elegant style.To play roulette you need a special table, which is divided into two parts: the wheel and platform with numbered fields in two colors: black and red.There are two known variants of roulette - European and American. The European roulette wheel and on the platform there are fields with the numbers 1 to 36 and a field with zero.

Dividers with zeros are green. The game begins with players placing bets. Players can bet both the numbers and zero, and may also place their bets on the lines, columns, dozens, the first five numbers on odd or even numbers, the numbers from 1 to 18 and from 19 to 36, either red or black.After the adoption of the roulette wheel plant is set in motion, and the dealer throws the ball in the opposite direction to the traffic circle. Read number drawn after stopping the wheels.

The game is won by players who surrounded the drawn number, color, lines, or column. If the facility is not hit then the player loses the entire plant pots. Calculation of loss is a little more complicated. If the ball lands in a field of zero for the whole plant are losing players who put the chances of simple means. Staked colors, numbers, odd or even, the number of high or low. If you bet columns or dozens of players lose only half your bet.

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