How I Found Zen In A Game Of Bingo

Did you know that Bingo can help you reach a zen-like state? It sounds crazy, but I often feel completely at ease when playing Bingo, focussed and in the "zone".

My daughter appears to share this opinion. Bingo is an excellent way of helping you relax as you can't win every game, so there's no stress involved!

Bingo can teach you to concentrate; it also takes your mind away from the worries of life; Bingo teaches you patience. It's a great way to enjoy yourself without having unnecessary stress, anxiety or concerns getting in your way - it helps you let go!

Bingo teaches us how to stay calm and deal with frustrating situations.


It is customary for Bingo players to observe absolute silence while numbers are being called. This helps empty the mind of thoughts; a sort of zen-like state can envelop you while waiting for numbers to be called.


Bingo is more than just calling off numbers though; it's also about interacting with others. I love going into my local bingo hall and mingling with complete strangers; these interactions make for lots of fun and laughs too!


Bingo is just like life; sometimes you win big, other times you get nothing. If Bingo were simply about winning, then the game would be called Bingewinner. Bingo has disappointment too, remember being one number away from that big jackpot? Bingo is just like life; it's all about accepting that you can't control everything!


Bingo will teach you how to listen attentively, making sure that no ball goes unnoticed. Bingo teaches us patience; waiting can enhance the moment when you finally get Bingo and win that jackpot.


Bingo provides a sense of accomplishment when you mark off numbers on your card. It also teaches you to focus on completing small tasks, learn from Bingo and don't get overwhelmed by the big picture.


Bingo has taught me that there are many ways to enjoy life and that it should be a celebration of the little things. Bingo is not just about winning big but also just about being content with what you have already.

Bingo helps us focus on the here and now, rather than worrying about what happened yesterday or thinking of things that might happen tomorrow.

We just need to relearn how to listen and pay attention. Bingo gives me peace of mind, and I hope Bingo helps you find inner Zen-Like calmness too!

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