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Most likely its resemblance to one of the games most well-known and loved in Italy, has contributed significantly to its diffusion. We speak, as you have probably figured out, the Tom bola, really easy and fun pastime, which the Bingo game is a close relative. There are obviously differences between the bingo played during festivals and bingo played online or on the appropriate playrooms. Just as there are differences with another game that comes close to these rules, or Keno.

To be clear, there is nothing better than to read the rules of Bingo posted on the website of AIMS, our Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies. The folders used in the game of Bingo report a series of 15 random numbers between 1 and 90 and spread over three lines, each of which contains five numbers. The price of a folder is typically between 1 and 3 Euro.

The purpose of those who play Bingo is very simple, it is to mark the numbers on the coupons they have previously purchased, as these are extracted, just like with the Bingo. Unlike Bingo though you do not win anything with both, inside or quadruplet. Only the bingo player who scores the first five numbers on the same row of the folder, wins the prize of Coquina, while the player, who cancels first all 15 numbers on the card, making Bingo.

In some bingo halls, there will be special prizes for those who make bingo within a certain number of draws or bonus games such as quizzes, which hold high the participants' attention and help to increase the fun, both in live Bingo in what takes place online with the help of a chat. Deicers Bingo fact is also, if not primarily, a way to kick back and socialize. For this reason perhaps is seen as a game for old people, but online bingo has definitely changed this perception, making even the guys find out, as this game can be very exciting.

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