Bingo Tips

Bingo is quite popular in various countries: after the warm welcome of the United States and in the country of the rising sun, some time ago also debuted in the beautiful country, with the opening of several bingo halls all over the country. Following this game, after meeting some high and low, made its debut online as well, with good results.

Surely his remarkable resemblance to one of the games most popular and appreciated by the Italians, has contributed greatly to its success. We refer, as you have probably figured out, the Tom bola, really simple and fun pastime, which is the Bingo cousin. There are obviously differences between the bingo that is played during the holiday season and played in the Bingo Network or gaming halls live. Just as there are differences with another well-known game that comes close to these, or Keno.

To be clear, there is nothing better than to consult the rules of Bingo published on the website of AIMS, the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies. The folders used in the game of Bingo report a series of 15 random numbers, including from one to ninety and spread over three lines, each of which offers five numbers. The price of a folder is typically between 1.00 and 3.00 Euro. In some cases, there are special rewards or bonus games, like themed quiz, which hold high the attention of players and adds to the fun, in both live and in the online Bingo.

The aim of the game is very simple, it is to mark the numbers on the folders that you have purchased, as these are called, as is the case with the Bingo. Unlike Bingo though you do not win anything with both, inside or quadruplet. Only the player who cancels first five numbers on the same row of the folder, making the Coquina, while that which cancels first all the numbers on the card, making Bingo.

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