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The game of bingo is very similar to its ancestor Keno. In bingo, however, the numbers available to the bench are 90, while the folders (ie the numbers purchased by the player) are only 15, ranked so scattered and random. In essence, the main difference between Keno and Bingo is the impossibility of the player to choose their numbers, but leave it to chance or fate choice. The only thing the player can do is to look at the folders available to him, searching for the most suitable combination of numbers or that best meets.

The bingo game ends when the first player calls the Bingo, or better in the moment in which the first player guesses or blackens the 15 numbers of its folder. In the game of bingo you can also do the quintet, or 5 numbers in a row on the same line or double quintet (in some games), 10 numbers on two lines.

In the game of bingo is available the possibility of forming the super bingo, bingo gold, silver bingo, bingo and bingo one bronze, all types of bingo that form and are added to the normal bingo to the achievement of certain conditions (ie that the dealer put it on hand and it's called bingo enters a certain extraction.

Web sites that offer games online investing on a constant enrichment of their offer, so if you prefer that to the game of Bingo's Bingo you will not have any trouble finding this too on the web. Finally, we spend a few notes for the aforementioned game of Keno. It is a game very similar to bingo, but also that closely resembles the lotteries, in particular how to extract numbers. Bingo is played with a folder with numbers from 1 to 80, with the player, having made his bet, cancels 20, then switch to the extraction of the numbers, the banker draws twenty numbers and winning depend on how many of these coincide with those chosen by the player.

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