15 Fun Facts about Bingo

Bingo’s popularity is ever on the increase, and this game is enjoyed by players all around the world. It is almost 500 years old, and has made the very successful transition from land based bingo halls to the online, and now mobile, arena. Lets check out 15 fun facts about bingo so that you can brush up your knowledge on this great game:

1. More than 8% of the World Plays Bingo
With more than 8% of the global population having some experience with bingo, it is one of the most well-liked games in the world.

2. Bingo is More than 500 Years Old
The game has been enjoyed since the early 1500s, and is able to trace its origins back to Italy’s Renaissance.

3. Playing Relieves Stress and Boosts Brainpower
Bingo is well-known for its stress-relieving abilities, and is also able to boost your cognitive abilities! Southampton University researchers have concluded that playing bingo keeps your brain in shape, and that those who enjoy this fun pastime are more mentally fit than those who do not.

4. Keno is Linked to Bingo
The very popular game of keno is very similar to bingo and many players find that the two games are almost the same. Keno however largely lacks the social element that bingo is so popular for.

5. Many Motivations for Play
Surprisingly, winning real money prizes is not the reason most players enjoy bingo: it, in fact, ranks 5th. The top reasons people play include the fun the game delivers, and the social aspect it boasts.

6. Thousands of Ways to Win
With a standard bingo ticket, players are able to come up with more than 1000 different potential winning combinations when they play at a casino online!

7. The Bingo Industry Creates Jobs
There is a big industry evolving out of today’s bingo games, thanks in part to the surge of interest internet-based play has allowed for. Players are able to take part in the games by means of their mobile phones, and the so-called bingo economy has made a contribution to the employment of more than 20 000 people.

8. The Ladies Love the Game
According to a study of bingo statistics, only 20% of those who play bingo regularly are male, with the remaining 80% being women. As of 2012, there were 2.5 million female players in the United Kingdom alone.

9. A Quick-Paced Game to Play
Thanks to the fact that players are able to get through a game of bingo in between 3 and 6 minutes, the interest in extended play is increased.

10. Superstitions about the Game
Bingo players are known to be more superstitious than those who prefer other forms of real money entertainment, with many holding on to lucky charms, and playing lucky numbers whenever they take part.

11. Purple Reigns Supreme for Daubing
The vast majority of bingo players prefer making use of purple to daub their boards, in the virtual world as well as online.

12. Using the Game as a Tool for Education
German players make use of a game very similar to bingo in order to teach pupils history and to help them learn their numbers.

13. It’s Been Popular Since 1929
Bingo was initially popularised by a toy salesman hailing from New York in 1929. He saw the game unfolding at a Jackson, Georgia fair, and recreated it for his friends when he got back home.

14. From Beano to Bingo
When it started becoming available as a boxed game, it was initially known as Beano. A female player renamed it by accidentally shouting Bingo!

15. A Big Contributor to Charity
The game of bingo is the most widely used one for fundraising in the world, and many charities make use of it.

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